There are two separate yearly licences at the moment. They run from the beginning of June and applications can be made until 15th April 2016 to the Department of Environment City Hall, Galway.  

You will need to state the type of goods you are selling, the type of stall you have and the space required and give your RSI number. If you want to sell any type of food you will need separate documentation from the Western Health board.

You can always try 'fly pitching' if you can find a space but you run the risk of being asked to move by a warden but there are lots of regular fly pitchers and the majority of traders (but not all) welcome their presence as adding life and variety to the market.

Licence for Saturdays and Christmas eve only : Traditional traders get priority and any few remaining places are given by a lottery system. There is a waiting list for Saturday licences.

Licences for Galway arts Festival, Sundays and Christmas week only (excluding Christmas Eve) : Traditional traders get priority, remaining places are given by a lottery system. New licences are given out each year.

Application Form: Casual Trading St Nicholas Market, Christmas 2016 (DOC, 31 kb)

Foirm Iarratais: Margadh San Nioclás, Nollaig 2016 (DOC, 31 kb)

Negotiations are under way with Galway City council to extend the area of the market or possibly the number of trading days and also the introduction of 'day licences' subject to space.